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Good Morning! I trust you are having a wonderful day! I wanted to update you on two things today.

First, we are compiling a wall of photos of our church families and missionaries (who are a part of our church family--just around the world) in the lobby at church. The photo wall serves multiple purposes--especially during a difficult time like this in the pandemic. The pictures remind us to pray for one another, display our position as a family of God, and offer glory to a God who brings unity in Christ to such a diverse group of people. Another primary reason for the pictures is so we can truly know one another--especially because we hold multiple services. Many times I will announce prayer requests, but people who only attend the first service don't know the ones mentioned because they attend the second service.

If you have not yet sent me a family picture to be included, would you mind sending one to me by either e-mail or text? Email is and text is 540.860.6058. Or we will be ready to take your picture after church this Sunday (if the weather cooperates). Thanks so much!

Second, I wanted you to know that during the month of September, our morning services will look a little different. Instead of a sermon delivered by just the pastor, we are going to have an interactive message time with multiple people speaking. This Sunday, the direction of the message will be to share with you what the return to ministries will look like at Mt. Carmel. We are planning to begin slowly adding opportunities beyond the Sunday morning worship service soon, and I wanted you to hear not only what we will be doing--but why we will. I truly believe this Sunday will be a blessing to you!

Then on Sunday, September 13, we are planning to host Pastor Archie Webster from He Is For Us Ministries. And Sunday, September 20, we will be Back-to-School Sunday as we pause to ask God's blessings on the students, teachers, administrators, and parents as school returns looking far different than ever before. And I believe you will be blessed and challenged by what we have planned for the day.

Please keep praying for one another. There are many hurting and needy people both within and without the church. Let's keep asking the Lord to bring people into our path where we can feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and provide for the poor. God has blessed us in order to bless others through us!

Have a wonderful day!

Pastor Brian