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Happy Monday, Church Family! This Monday is certainly much different than every Monday since the middle of March, because for the first time in fifteen weeks we were able to enjoy an indoor gathering of worship, prayer, and time in the Word! What an encouraging time we shared together.

I realize that many of you are simply not ready to return to in-person church services, and I want to re-emphasize that I am completely supportive of whatever decision you have prayerfully made as the best for your family. It was certainly an exciting time for me to hear our church sing again! Oh, how I have missed that ingredient of corporate worship in my life these past four months.In case you missed our service yesterday, we focused solely on Jesus from start to finish. We opened with prayers of thanksgiving to Jesus for the way He has sustained us through this pandemic with His presence, protection, provision, and promise. 

We sang “Jesus, Only Jesus” reminding us that even in the midst of our excitement of gathering, the purpose for the gathering is Jesus. We heard a moving testimony from Pam Boyd about how Jesus has worked faithfully in the hearts of their family hearts over the past 22 months. It was especially powerful to hear her share the words to God, “Our faith is not dependent upon You answering our greatest request in healing our mom. I know You can, but our faith will not be shaken even if You don’t.” We enjoyed the time of raising our praise and worship through song.

And we looked into Luke 17 where Jesus stepped over racial lines to heal ten men of an infectious disease after they had been socially distanced and isolated. One returned to give glory to God after recognizing Jesus truly was God. His faith in Jesus brought the salvation that even obedience to the Word of God cannot bring. The Law of God is simply to reveal our need for the Son of God, Jesus. We also made two pieces of information available to those who came: an update of our giving and decisions made through the months of March, April, and May. We also handed out a prayer guide for the month of July.

I have attached those handouts to this e-mail. If anything changes regarding our plans for next Sunday, I will let you know as soon as that decision has been made. We are trying to take many different aspects of our gathering into consideration, and things will need to be a bit fluid as we start up again with new regulations in place.While many things have changed over these past few months, one thing that has not changed—and will never change—Jesus is our sovereign King, our Hope for eternal life, our only Way to the Father, and our most valuable Treasure. Jesus is our everything. We gather for Him—and always will! 

Thank you, again, for extending patience as we lead through these ever-changing times. We are doing our best. And we are finding great peace in knowing that we serve a never-changing God!

I love you all!

Pastor Brian