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The Members' Meeting on July 21, 2021, included congregational singing, a testimony and special by Lynn Swartzlander, devotions by Bill Copeland and Frank Good, and a time of prayer for the needs of our church family.

During this special time, we also cared for three items of business:

  1. The congregation approved the motion to support the Mark Hopkins family for $250 a month—effective August 1, 2021. Pastor Mark served as the senior pastor of Mt. Carmel from 2010-2015. The family is moving to Harrisburg, PA, where Mark will become the leader of Encounter Revival Ministries. Pastor Mark will be sharing with the church on Sunday, August 8, and a special offering will be taken that day to raise his 2021 support. Starting in 2022, his monthly support will be included in the monthly missions budget.
  2. The congregation approved the motion to incorportate Mt. Carmel Regular Baptist Church. This action prevents individual members or employees to be personally liable in litigaions involving the church. Incorportation does not change the tax status of our church in any way.
  3. The congregation approved the motion to discontinue support for Camp Rapidan. There has been little-to-no communication with the camp over the past many years. This decision was made in order to build on our missions emphasis to build, invest, and culture relationships with missionaries and ministries where we can truly co-labor together in the Gospel.