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Mt. Carmel family,

This week we received communication from the jungle of Venezuela about Millie Dawson, a dear missionary widow whom Mt. Carmel has supported for years and who turned 90 years old on January 4th. Her daughter Sharon wrote,

Since the 1st of the year, we have been fighting a sickness here that has swept through the villages all up and down this river, and I am sure, beyond. And even in our own homes, and Mom got it. It hit her hard and fast. 

We don't know what happened, but a few days later, she fell in the bathroom, and hit the back of her head and busted it. I heard her screaming, and went running in, to find her laying on the floor. I yelled for Faithie, and together we got her up off the floor, and got her into her bed. After cleaning the blood off the back of her head, we looked at the damage, and even though there wasn't too big of a cut, she had a huge hematoma out on it. We also noticed that she has a bruise on her eyebrow, but when we ask her what happened, she just doesn't remember. And since that day, mom has continued to go downhill. She cannot walk without being helped now, so either Faithie or I, are with her at all times. We are thinking she suffered a slight stroke, because at first she talked in gibberish, then her words got clearer, but she had a hard time forming them. 

Then yesterday, she seemed to be more alert, and ate really good. But today she is back to wanting to sleep, and not acting like she feels well.  Last night, she sat up in bed, and was full of anxiety. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "We can't stop what we're doing!" I was like, "What's that Mom?"  She said, "What we're doing with the people. Are we still doing a work with them?"  

I assured we were, telling her we had just gotten through with the yearly conference and many had come to know the Lord and were baptized. I told her about the Bible School and Literacy Class that Faithie and I are doing and how the men still have the morning Bible Studies, as do the women.  She nodded her head. "Good. We need to keep up with this. This is what we were sent here for.  To give the Gospel. And I am happy that the work is still going forward."  I told her that the New Testament that she, Dad and Bautista had translated, was still being used by all, and many were still coming to know the Lord because of their sacrifice down through the years. She nodded and then laid back down. It was the most she had talked with understanding since her fall. I got the feeling that she was encouraging us to keep on, to not give in or up. But that getting the Gospel to the people was the most important thing a person can do in this life.

I do not know what will happen. She may get over this, but at this point in time, Mom is unable to do anything. I wanted to let you all know. 

            Please continue to pray for my sister Faithie, and me. It is not easy watching a loved one get into this state, and feeling at times, so alone, and wondering if we are even doing the right thing in keeping her here. But travel has gotten almost impossible now, and in Mom's condition it would be really hard. So, we just keep our eyes on the Lord, and cling to Him, knowing that He is the One carrying us through this hard time in our lives.

Thank you all, for the many years you all have been so faithful to my parents and after Dad went on to Heaven, the faithfulness. you all have shown to my Mom.”

In addition to Millie’s need at this hour, her son Mike is currently out of the jungle and traveling with his wife Keila and their daughter Mia in route to the U.S. so that Mia can complete high school. She had been taking classes online, but they lost their internet connection in the jungle in October.  Since they have already purchased their airfare, Mike is trusting that his mom will continue to improve. Once they are back in the U.S. and Mia is settled here, Mike will then try to head back and be with Millie should her condition worsen. Your prayers for this dear family are very much appreciated at this time of need. 

-Pastor Mike