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Nov. 07, 2023

 Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors,

     Thank you for your faithful and fervent prayers for one another. God is faithful and His goodness endures forever.


For the LORD is good; His mercy endures forever, and His faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 100:5


Special Requests:

Wisdom for our church leadership, search team,  pastoral team, and congregation as we walk together through this transition. 

Pray for Israel

Shirron Ballard and family as they grieve the loss of Charles Ballard, Shirron’s husband. He passed on Sunday, Nov. 5th from a heart attack. 

Billy Fletcher and family as they grieve the loss of Billy’s sister, Christy Garber. 

Physical Issues:


Jim Raines:  struggling with mobility issues

Wayne Thompson family: grieving the loss of Wayne Thompson, former Pastor of Mt. Carmel and relative to Ann Vaughn.

Wayne and Teresa Hensley: Wayne is having physical issues and Teresa, his wife, fell and broke her leg in two places. 

Danny Grandstaff: having radiation treatments for cancer

Jim Allison and Family as they grieve the loss of Dawn Allison.  Dawn was the wife of Jim Allison, the sister in law to Judy Guzy and Aunt of Alison Seal. Jim is also very ill and is in his last days. 

Gemma Gray: recovering from cancer surgery. 

Peggy Glenn: undergoing health issues

Betty Stephens- (Delores Waters niece) having great difficulty from her knee surgeries.

Ruth (Sharon Tucker’s aunt) – battling cancer, pray for Salvation

Ruby Kite:  (Kevin Kites mother) Has breast cancer and will be undergoing treatments

Catherine Mishler: ( Britiney Fitzwater's mother) has been moved to Hidden Springs Skill Care Unit. 

Tony Woodall:  Barbara Risley’s son, recently diagnosed with cancer

Pastor Caviness:  declining health due to Parkinson’s disease 

Mozell Turner:  Jerry Turner’s mom, health needs

Cheryl Campbell: (friend of Janet Turner) health

Lewis Jenkins: (grandfather of Michael Jenkins) declining health 

Irene Bradley:  continued prayers for her muscle disease to improve and her cancer to remain in remission.

David Thomas:  brother of John Thomas, undergoing serious health issues 

Jim Keyser:  father of Carol Butler; has health needs and needs assurance of salvation

Peggy Reed:  her cancer has returned and is asking for prayer

Bonnie Bradley: friend of Betty Seal, health, spiritual needs

Myrtle Thompson:  Having issues with her leg and her foot

Sue and Bill Peters: (Neighbors of Ron Keyser) Both are having health issues

Ron Marcus:  Struggling with his hip and his back

Lynn Wolford: ( friend of Jean Stoneberger) has a severe stroke

Tim Skaggs:   (relative of Harry and Katrina Buracker) diagnosed with cancer

Ongoing Health Issues:

 Helen Waters - health

Don Hoak - Health

Fran Grandstaff - Health

Ashley Dyke - MS

Betty Burrill - health

Charlotte Wade - Health

 Janet Judd - physical needs

 Myrtle Thompson (retired missionary) – desires good health to keep serving in her church/community