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June 26th,  2024


Dear Prayer Warriors,

  Thank you for praying for the needs of others.  As we take the needs of our brethren  before the throne of grace let us remember Hebrews 4:16. While there are many needs, we also have so much to praise God for.  Praise Him from whom all blessings flow.


Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16


Kahlbaus Arrive June 30th!!!  


Special Requests

Poland Missions Trip, Team Members, and Team leaders Joe and Jane Fogle


Larry Weakley:  Will be having surgery to remove a spot on his liver, date TBD

Heath and Shawna: Sale of their home and move / transition to Mt. Carmel

MCCA: Teachers Needed for next year!

Tom League: Has a bone marrow biopsy on Monday, July 1. Pray for his health needs at this time. 


Physical Issues:

Savannah Owens: More medical tests to determine the cause of her tachycardia, doctor appt. in July 

Nikki (Lisa and Tom League's niece ): Nikki has had a stroke and needs our prayers.

Jared and Stephanie Fogle (Joe & Jane Fogle's son and daughter in law) Prayers for their unborn child as well as safety for Stephanie. Induction date is currently set for July 8th. 

Patrick Mueller: (Edith Ramey's Nephew) hip replacement

Ron Keysers Niece, Angie: has T cell lymphoma

Don Dean: friend of Ron Keysers has kidney failure

Sherri Heiston:  will be undergoing a hip replacement

John Risley: health needs

Dorothoy Rothgeb:  health 

Ron Marcus: in need of shoulder replacement, experiencing a lot of pain 

Kim Foltz: (friend and neighbor of Yvonne) has a very aggressive cancer 

Andy Klein :  (the brother in law of Linda and Gordy DeMeritt) was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He is home and undergoing treatments.

Ward DeMeritt:  very sick from his chemo and radiation treatments

Tammy Driver: ( friend of Ron Keysers ) struggling with cancer and her husband is on disability

Paul DeMeritt:  (brother of Gordon DeMeritt) recently diagnosed with lymphocytic lymphoma

Diana Fairbanks:  daughter of Faye Cave, heart issues and possible transplant needed

Sherri Needle:  Ann Vaughn’s cousin, cancer has returned

Jean Triplett: facing upcoming surgery on her heart and just received a cancer diagnosis

Timothy Knott: Brother of Rebecca Blanchette, having kidney issues

Ruth (Sharon Tucker’s aunt) – battling cancer, pray for Salvation

Catherine Mishler: ( Britiney Fitzwater's mother) has been moved to Hidden Springs Skill Care Unit. 

Mozell Turner:  Jerry Turner’s mom, health needs

Cheryl Campbell: (friend of Janet Turner) health

Irene Bradley:  continued prayers for her muscle disease to improve and her cancer to remain in remission.

David Thomas:  brother of John Thomas, undergoing serious health issues 

Bonnie Bradley: friend of Betty Seal, health, spiritual needs

Tiffany Ducker:  going through cancer treatments; She is neighbor to Charlotte Gochenour and friend of Ron Keyser

Ongoing Health Issues:

Helen Waters - health

Eddie Hillard -  health 

Don Hoak - Health

Ashley Dyke - MS

Myrtle Thompson (retired missionary) – desires good health to keep serving in her church/community