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March 5th, 2024

 Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors,

   Thank you for your faithful prayers for one another. There are many needs in our midst.  What a blessed reminder that God is Lord of all.  

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27


Baby Wells; unborn child of Cassie and Jordan Lowery is dramatically improving due to God's healing hand. 


John Risley: He is still in Winchester Hospital but doing much better. Please continue to pray for his recovery. 


Special Requests:

Wisdom for our church leadership, search team,  pastoral team, and congregation as we walk together through this transition. 

Pray for our future Pastor

Missions Emphasis Week: March 17th - March 24th 

John Swartzlander family: John’s brother, Terry Swartzlander, passed away last week. Pray for the family as they grieve their loss.

Physical Issues:

Ruben Odongo:  George Odonogos father, has been very ill

Timothy Knott: Brother of Rebecca Blanchette, having kidney issues

Dorothy Rothgeb:  In skyview nursing home for rehab

Ward DeMeritt:  recently diagnosed with cancer

Savannah Owens: More medical tests to determine the cause of her tachycardia 

Steven Nichols:  He is at home but still has medical needs. Pray for Zach and Venessa as they care for him.

Layla: ( daughter of kenny Good Jr. ) is undergoing medical testing

Andy Klein : ( the brother in law of Linda and Gordy DeMeritt) was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Paul DeMeritt:  (brother of Gordon DeMeritt) recently diagnosed with lymphocytic lymphoma

Diana Fairbanks:  daughter of Faye Cave, heart issues and possible transplant needed

Sherri Needle:  Ann Vaughn’s cousin, cancer has returned

Madeline Selby:  in hospice care, pray for grace for the family and Madeline

Jean Triplett: facing upcoming surgery on her heart and just received a cancer diagnosis

Ruth (Sharon Tucker’s aunt) – battling cancer, pray for Salvation

Catherine Mishler: ( Britiney Fitzwater's mother) has been moved to Hidden Springs Skill Care Unit. 

Mozell Turner:  Jerry Turner’s mom, health needs

Cheryl Campbell: (friend of Janet Turner) health

Lewis Jenkins: (grandfather of Michael Jenkins) declining health 

Irene Bradley:  continued prayers for her muscle disease to improve and her cancer to remain in remission.

David Thomas:  brother of John Thomas, undergoing serious health issues 

Jim Keyser:  father of Carol Butler; has health needs and needs assurance of salvation

Peggy Reed:  her cancer has returned and is asking for prayer

Bonnie Bradley: friend of Betty Seal, health, spiritual needs

Rick’s ( Mt. Carmel's comcast technician) granddaughter is having heart issues and undergoing tests.

Ongoing Health Issues:

Helen Waters - health

Pastor Caviness - health 

Don Hoak - Health

Ashley Dyke - MS

Janet Judd - physical needs

Myrtle Thompson (retired missionary) – desires good health to keep serving in her church/community