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Please pray for Lori Patton in the loss of her dad this morning (11/15).  

Physical Needs: 

Tim Barnes (friend of Robbie and Jerika) – recovering at home from covid pneumonia 

Drake Pettit (Steve and Brenda Ketchem’s grandson) – broke both wrists and will have both casted for the next 6 weeks 

Joy Bernau – has been in school and has had no seizures for over 3 weeks 

Gayle Price – brain tumors 

Kevin Kite – back problems 

Ongoing Health Issues: 

Stanley and Charlotte Wade – health  

Ashley Dyke – MS  

Bobby Nichols – health 

Betty Burrill (Bryant’s mom) – health 

Ted and Fran Grandstaff -- health 

Don and Wanda Hoak -- health 

Helen Waters -- physical issues 

Myrtle Thompson (retired missionary) – good health to keep serving in her church/community