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Thank you for caring for one another. A church FAMILY is a tremendous gift.  “… if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.” I John 4:12 

New Arrivals: 

Landon and Jenni McQuillan are happy to announce the early arrival of Sadie Quinn McQuillan on May 7.

Caleb and Alex Routhier are happy to announce the arrival of Esther Moria Routhier on May 9.

*A meal train will be set up for both of these at Type in their last name and the password is mcmeals.


Please pray for Lemuel Waters in the recent loss of his wife, Joyce. 

Please pray for Stephen Jessee and family in the recent loss of his dad, Steve.   

Physical Needs: 

Myrtle (Jenny) Thompson (retired missionary) – still receiving monthly shots for her eye and now dealing with unexplained hearing loss in one ear. 

Daisy Jones (Ron Marcus’ sister) – severe break and infection in her leg 

Amy Weakley – knee injury and healing 

Ron Marcus – having back surgery at UVA on May 10 

Jeff Kibler – seeing a rheumatologist for some visible issues stemming from his brain injury 

Jennifer Roy – for her body to heal and for her numbers to stabilize 

Cindy Ramey – chemo treatments are making her ill 

Tim Dofflemyer (friend of Debbie Presgraves) – taking chemo for lung cancer 

Ongoing Health Issues: 

Ashley Dyke – MS  

Bobby Nichols – health 

Betty Burrill (Bryant’s mom) – health 

Ted and Fran Grandstaff -- health 

Barbara Seal – health 

Don and Wanda Hoak -- health 

Helen Waters -- physical issues