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Please continue to keep these in your prayers:

Samantha Shaw (Lisa League's daughter-in-law)
-- she will start radiation soon to try to shrink a tumor before they can perform surgery to remove it.

Jennifer Roy
-- will be having a bone marrow biopsy next week

Peggy Glenn
-- bad reaction to medication and slow recovery leaving her very tired and weak

Pat Stephenson
-- is in comfort care

Pastor Caviness
-- his brother passed away earlier this week

The family of Janet Gochenour who passed away earlier this week

The family of Jane Nichols who passed away earlier this week.

It’s wonderful to be part of a praying church family. We would love to pray for you! Please contact the church office at 540.743.5645 and let us know how we can pray or help you in any way. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Phil 4:6  


Please be in prayer for the family of Janet Gochenour who passed away on Saturday. There will be a graveside service at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 10 at Mt. Zion. 

Physical Needs: 

Samantha Shaw (Lisa League’s daughter in law) – some cancer was found along with a cancerous mass. She is having to have blood transfusions right now, too. Waiting on some tests and a meeting with an oncologist. 

Jennifer Roy – taking chemo at UVA 

Peggy Glenn – health situation  

Jane Nichols – home on hospice care 

Travis Basham (Fran and Ted’s grandson) – continued chemo for his liver tumor which makes him ill. 

Cindy Ramey – chemo 

Malcolm DeShazo – pancreatic cancer 

Ongoing Health Issues: 

Ashley Dyke – injection treatments for MS  

Bobby & Jane Nichols – health 

Betty Burrill (Bryant’s mom) – health 

Janet Gochenour – Home with hospice care 

Ted and Fran Grandstaff -- health 

Barbara Seal – health 

Pat Stephenson – health 

Don and Wanda Hoak -- health 

Helen Waters -- physical issues