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Dear Care Ministry Warriors, 

We would love to pray for you! Please contact the church office at 540.743.5645 and let us know how we can continue to pray or help you in any way. “For whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Matt 7:12   


Please be in prayer for the family of Frank Moore who passed away last week. (This is Sheryl McDaniel’s step-dad and Charlie Seals brother-in-law.) 

Physical Needs: 

Linda Sullivan – has been in and out of the hospital for several weeks with heart failure and other health issues. 

Travis Basham (Fran and Ted's grandson) -- chemo

Nicole (Larry Ennis’ granddaughter) – was in a tragic car accident over a week ago on her way to the hospital to see another family member. She was injured badly. She has had several surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain.  

Jr. Nauman (David’s dad) – was moved to PMH for rehab. 

Cindy Ramey – Her scan results came back favorably but she will be having additional chemo starting in a few days. 

Heather Foltz – Please pray for her continued phototherapy treatments as they are very painful. She is travelling 3 times a week to UVA for these. She started another treatment along with these last week.  

Malcolm DeShazo – pancreatic cancer.  

Ongoing Health Issues: 

Mary Keyser – continued recovery from chemo 

Jennifer Roy – continued recovery 

Ashley Dyke – injection treatment for MS has begun 

Bobby Nichols – back problems 

Jane Nichols – health 

Mike & Betsy Burrill (Bryant’s parents) – stage 4 cancer. He will resume chemotherapy in July. 

Janet Gochenour – Home with hospice care 

Ted and Fran Grandstaff -- health issues 

Barbara Seal – health 

Pat Stephenson – health 

Don and Wanda Hoak -- health 

Helen Waters -- physical issues