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Because we were not able to hold in-person services on the first two Sundays in December (due to COVID cases), the business meeting planned for December 20 was postponed. The meeting has been re-scheduled for Sunday, January 17, after the 11:00 worship service.

Attached to this page is a document you can either view or download to share what business we will voting upon. There are two recommendations by the deacons, the proposed 2021 budget, and the proposed 2021 church officers.

The vote will be done by closed ballot, and the vote will simply be "yes" or "no." Because of this, members are encouraged to ask their deacons any questions or for further/greater explanation. (And I actually share a detailed explanation to the two deacon recommendations here.)

Because many will not be joining us in-person on Sunday, January 17, we will be making ballots available to our members in the church office from Wednesday, January 13, through Friday, January 15. This decision was made by the deacons in order to ensure that everyone will have a chance to cast their vote. We would even happily bring a ballot to your car if you would prefer—just call ahead and let us know.

I know that the events of the past year have brought many opportunities for division to creep into friendships, families, and even churches. Going virtual, wearing masks, and attending services—coupled with racial riots, political upheaval, and quarantine isolation—each of us have faced many conflicts and divisions this year.

I am thankful for the unity we all find when we turn our eyes to Jesus. Jesus is the one and only God. Jesus is the one and only Savior. Jesus is our one and only Hope. Jesus is our one and only Lord. May we continue to pursue His goodness and pleasure in response to the way He pursued us in His love and grace. 

I love you, Church Family! Thank you for allowing me to serve the Lord together with you!