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Good Morning, Mt. Carmel family!

On Monday afternoon, the Lord laid on my heart to fast and pray for a few days this week on behalf of our town. The cultural battle that raging across our nation is a spiritual battle—and calls for spiritual weapons. The Lord also encouraged me to invite all of us as a church family to pray morning, noon, and night one day this week—examining our own hearts and confessing the sin of our lives and our nation.

While this is a spur of the moment request, I am asking our church to join together in prayer on Thursday, June 1. Many will celebrate the month of June as “Pride Month.” What an important time for us as God’s people to instead humble ourselves and corporately pray for God’s merciful healing across the world and a repentant return to lives that honor King Jesus.

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 1, we will host three 30-minute prayer meetings in the Grove House—at 7:30 a.m. (morning), 12:00 p.m. (noon), and at 7:30 p.m. (night). Please prayerfully consider joining us in corporate prayer at one of these times.

Also, if your health allows, I would encourage you to consider fasting one meal tomorrow (or the whole day if you can). When the disciples unsuccessfully attempted to cast out demons in Matthew 17, Jesus noted that some spiritual battles are only won by prayer and fasting. As we fast, every desire for a taste of food can prompt us to turn to God in prayer for those who were created by Him, but have not yet surrendered to the goodness of His loving rule and purpose for their lives.

Thank you for being the church and approaching the throne of our King on behalf of others! God bless!

Pastor Brian