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The events that took place in Washington D.C. earlier this month remind us that we live in a broken, hurting world—and the answer to our brokenness is not more of us. Regardless of the political side, the government of this land will never be and was never meant to be our Savior. Jesus, only Jesus.

During the final 21 days of January, the members of Mt. Carmel are being asked to choose one meal a week to fast and pray for our nation. Fasting is more than dieting. When we diet, we want to get our minds off how hungry we are. When we fast, we want that hunger to be ever-present. For it is the hunger of our stomachs that remind us that we need to hunger and thirst after righteousness. And when we feel hungry, we choose not to feed ourselves—remembering that there is a greater need in our lives than food. We need Jesus. 

So we fast to remind us to pray. We pray to remind us that we need God. Please consider joining us during these 21 days of January to fast and pray for our nation (starting with me) to realize our greatest need is Jesus!