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The first miracle we read of Jesus performing takes place at a wedding in Cana (John 2:1-12). When the wine pots ran dry during the wedding celebration, Jesus’ mother pointed out the fact that there was no more wine. In the Scripture we have, she isn’t asking Jesus to do something, but rather informing Jesus of the need.

I’ll be honest, parts of the miracle seem a bit perplexing to me. Like, why would His mother point out something like this—wouldn’t He have seen this Himself? Plus, He’s God. God doesn’t need to be informed of anything. Or why did Jesus choose to use the basins of water where people washed their hands (vs 6) as the containers of this great miracle?

But, for today, I would love to turn our attention to one simple thought.

Jesus wasn’t invited to perform a miracle. Jesus was invited to be a part of their life. But as a result of the presence of Jesus, the power of Jesus met their need. 


There have been many times in my life when a need of miraculous proportions has arisen in my life, so I turn to God. Yet, as I begin to inform God (of what He already knows) and beg for His intervening power, the reality washes over me that I most regularly invite God into my life when I need something from Him. And I ask myself why I live so independently of God until things begin falling apart. Why do I struggle to invite Jesus into the everyday moments of my life?

But then I realize the incredible blessing of the Savior! No matter how many times I have been unfaithful to Him, Jesus has never once been unfaithful to me! And as soon as I am willing to turn to Him, I find He is already present with me—because He never stops pursuing me!

As I keep studying the subject of abiding in Christ from John 15, I continue to be overwhelmed with the magnificence of simply being connected to Jesus. And as that connection grows stronger, I crave His presence—even more rather than His miraculous power.

But the crazy, cool thing about Jesus is that everywhere He takes His presence, He takes His power!


So my prayer is that my heart would long for more and more of the presence of Jesus in my life—believing that because of His presence, His power will naturally meets the needs He already knows are coming to my life.

What a precious Savior He is!